Thursday, August 4, 2011

a really big boat

last night papa john treated us to a ride on the hellgate jetboat excursion. this is one of the best things southern oregon has to offer. let me tell you, it is quite the operation. 5 boats and over 300 people...wowza! not only that, but they run lunch and dinner trips 7 days a week plus brunch on the weekends. and pretty much are always sold out. craziness! it's no wonder why.

coen was really excited about the big boat...

okay, maybe the excitement only lasted .5 seconds after
they started up the really big engines. big boats, go really fast.
oh and, you get wet...really wet.
thank God i had a (sleepy time only) paci with me.
he did settle in after about 30 minutes, as long as i was holding
onto him really, really tight.

the beautiful rouge river and the hellgate caynon.
oh and some nesting ospreys with their babies!

the jet boat takes you on an hour ride down river,
then drops you off at the ok coral.
the ok coral is an all you can eat and drink restaurant
that is included in your ticket price.
it is sooooo beautiful and the food is pretty darn good.

after a big meal we had time to walk around.
coen loved running in the big grassy lawn
and throwing rocks in the river.
he waved to each boat as they loaded up,
but was pretty sure he didn't want to get back on our boat.
thankfully i convinced him!

i think i want to do the jetboat trip every summer. how can you not?
it was soooooo fun.
thanks papa john for all the good memories!

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