Wednesday, August 31, 2011

peanut, peanut butter...

last night coen and i whipped up a batch of delicious peanut butter cookies. this post isn't really about the cookies, as much as it is about my assistant pastry chef. the cookies were really good though, and i suggest you try them if peanut butter cookies are your thing. here is a link to the recipe, soft peanut butter cookies.

now, onto the important stuff. coen loves to help me in the kitchen and i love it. everyday duties become learning experiences. it is fun to watch the wheels spin in his head. 

i promise he wears clothes, he just sleeps naked baby (with diaper) at nap, cause it gets too stinking hot! 

um yes, his lip is resting on the bowl. 

what do you mean i can't lick it?! 

the reward for all that hard work! 
(apologies about the small section that is sideways. although it's not really MY mistake to apologize for, ha!)

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