Friday, September 9, 2011


here are some more coenisms from the past couple weeks. happy friday! 

one night wes wrapped coen up in his bath towel and said, 
"i wrapped you up like a tuna!" 
every night since coen asks him, 
"will you wrap me up like a petunia?"

while wrapped up "like a petunia", coen 
shuffled himself across the hallway to his room. 
wes says, "your a little penguin!" 
coen replies, "yep, i am a little penguin. cock-a-doodle-doo!"

coen loves singing along to his praise cd. especially to this song,
actual lyrics:"everything that, everything that, 
everything that has been praise the Lord."
coen's version: "everything's bad, everything's bad, 
everything's bad praise the Lord."

me: coen will you love me forever?
coen: i'll love you for always.

at each and every meal, coen looks at his plate and says, 
"i just eat this all the time!"

some new catch phrases:
"that's dangerous!"
"whoa, that's amazing!"
"are you kidding me?"
"that's my favorite."
"i'm too tired!?
"um, because..."

currently little mr man is obsessed with; 
airplanes, frogs, jet boat, big engines and halloween. 

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