Sunday, September 18, 2011

pioneer women: pasta with pesto cream sauce

i successfully cooked up my second pioneer woman recipe...and it was gooooood. also it was insanely easy. mostly because when i make pesto, i make a double batch and freeze half. so i got to skip the whole pesto making step. if you aren't the pesto making type (although, it really is WAY better fresh) i won't judge you. you should buy some pesto from the store and make this anyhow. it is delightful. 

i did a couple things different, but the sauce is really were it is at. so don't change that. 

i used whole wheat penne, to balance out the 1/2 cup of heavy cream. those balance out, right? 

i topped it with grilled chicken. my husband insists that if it doesn't have meat it is just a snack. 

i sprinkled it with shaved parmesan. cause that is all i had, and love parmesan. 

like i said, the pesto cream sauce it really the ticket. it would be good on anything. 


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