Monday, September 26, 2011

pioneer woman: perfect pot roast

my pioneer woman recipe for the week was pot roast. i know, i know, pot roast is a pot roast is a pot roast. i thought the same thing. until now. i have been making pot roast for years in the crock pot. just throw it in, cook the heck out of it and serve it up. 

well when i was meal planning last week i was dreaming of fall, and i thought i would see what the pioneer woman had to say about pot roast. i dug up an old post from a few years ago and thought it sounded good. although to be honest i really thought that it was way more complicated than my crock pot variety. i decided against it, then changed my mind a couple times and finally i put it on the menu. what the heck. 

IF you are one of those people that is saying, "oh that's nice but pot roast isn't really my thing." please do me this one favor and try this recipe. if in fact you still don't like it, then you can proudly announce that pot roast really just isn't your thing. but i am telling you people, this is really the most perfect pot roast. hands down. 

now, IF you don't have 4 hours to sit home with a pot in sick. just once, so you can enjoy this. or you could always make it on a weekend, that may be a better option. 

side note: i had planned this meal out a week in advance and it just so happened that she made the perfect pot roast on her cooking show the same day i made it. i think i am starting to channel ree drummond. 

so i totally agree with ree on not putting potatoes into your roast. they get over cooked and are just not very substantial to the meal. i am sure that her mashed potatoes are delightful. but i really really love these easy garlic red mashed potatoes. they are so easy you can make them on a weeknight. in fact i might start calling them weeknight mashers. i like that. 

alright, get cooking. 

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