Wednesday, March 19, 2014

almost home.

our trip back to the island was a bit spread out. it was exhausting but so worth it. we changed our plans last minute and ended up in Portland for a day. this gave us a chance to venture around our old stomping grounds and even have lunch with the ever so darling caryn. we also visited wes' old office and drove through our old neighborhood. it was a very nostalgic experience. we really enjoyed our time living in vancouver. a lot. and it was great to see so many friendly faces.

the captain on southwest had the flight attendant bring coen a Shirley Temple. she told him that the captain said, "that a captain always buys another captain a drink."

we spent the night with mike, shanny, and norah and it was just so fun. little norah was very unsure of all our chaos. 

then we headed to honolulu for an overnight. coen needed to see the pediatric cardiologist, so we scheduled his appointment on our was back. it was also the perfect reason to camp out at aunty mary and uncle deans house. always good coffee and company.

the dr appointment went very well. we really like the specialist and coen likes him too. what was interesting about this visit is that the dr said that it is very likely that coen has had episodes of wpw since he was an infant, and that now is kind of the "vacation" period. he is not likely to experience episodes over the next few years. when he gets a bit older we plan to have the procedure to fix the wpw. but thankfully that's still a ways off.

we managed to fit some fun into our short visit with a trip to the aquarium and the lego store. man i wish i had invented legos. and aquariums for that matter.

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