Tuesday, February 14, 2012

be mine, valentine.

this year for valentines day i asked wes to skip out on buying flowers & chocolates. all i wanted was his company in dropping coen off at preschool. drop off is awful. a.w.f.u.l. and i just wanted someone to share it with. romantic? our morning got comical real quick, when i realized that in the chaos of loading a kicking, screaming child into the car against his will, i had forgotten to put shoes on myself. we pulled up to preschool and i jumped out barefoot, carried my still kicking and screaming child into his classroom and left him...yes, against his will. we headed out to find me some shoes, and took advantage of a very beautiful day in hilo. 

we grabbed breakfast from short & sweet bakery and headed out to honoli'i beach park for a morning picnic. it was so delightful. the surf was great, and there were about a million people surfing. but also we could see whales jumping out on the horizon. always cool. 

after our peaceful picnic we headed back to get the child. to our delight we found him sitting with his friends eating lunch. i desperately tried to get him to wear a valentine shirt to school today, but he picked up his china town shirt and said, "i just love china town, so i will wear this one." pick your battles. 

since our mornings are pretty rough, i saved our valentine for after preschool. our "love bug" was waiting in coen's car seat stuffed with news airplanes and holding a green {his fav color this week} shirt and the movie, cloudy with a chance of meatballs {a fav book, always}. i love "bugging" coen. 

okay, don't judge. our mornings are rough. preschool is rough. thankfully, coen seems to be adapting once i leave, but man oh man does he put on a show. incentive never hurts, so IF coen is good at preschool {no escaping, hitting teachers, talking naughty} we get to walk over to the worlds cutest candy shop and pick out three {cause he is almost three} pieces of candy. the best part is i get out of there for less than a dollar, and he only eats one piece, and then says he wants to save it for later. 

one highlight of my day was when coen gave me the valentine he made for me in school. having a teaching background, i really have a passion for the classroom. i loved so much that he go to go school today and have a valentine party. the best part of this card is that the picture was taken last week, and he isn't crying. this tells me that he really is calming down after i leave. i heart him. 

we came home for a nap, and then woke up and went through all his valentines from school. i am not sure who had more fun with this. coen also got to bring some art projects home, including his sad face from last week. 

to top off our fantastic family day, we headed up the the military camp at the volcano for some bowling and dinner. little bowling shoes are so adorable. 

i am blessed, loved and very tired.  

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  1. So glad to hear he is adapting and starting to like preschool! What a fun day you guys had, blessed for sure! He really could not get any cuter!! Love that you left the house with no shoes... I've done that before!!