Saturday, March 24, 2012

happy birthday coen scott!

something magical happened last night. we put our two year old to bed and he woke up a three year old. craziness! we love you coen scott, more that all the airplanes in all of the world. you make our days so much brighter and funnier. you are joy. 


you have a serious obsession with airplanes. all airplanes, all the time. 
your imagination is beautiful. you are always pretending and telling stories. we love it. 

one year

you are starting to "read" and have several book memorized cover to cover. we love when you "read" to us. 
you have a sense of humor that is silly and quirky, and you love when people laugh with you. 

two years 

you are a good sleeper. still napping 2-3 hours everyday, and sleeping 10-11 hours at night. 
some of your favorite foods right now are noodles, cheese, strawberries and m&ms. 

three years

today you are you, that is tru-er that true. there is no one alive who is your-er than you!
happy happy birthday, sweet boy! 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Coen! We love and miss you! All hugs and kisses! Cousins, Leslie, Ryan, Drew Bear and Tom*Tom