Sunday, March 25, 2012

celebrating coen

yesterday was a big day of celebrating around here. when coen woke up in the morning he yelled from his room, "mama am i three?" and all day he kept asking me, "am i still three?" 

love him. 

we started the day off with a breakfast birthday cake in bed. and spent the rest off the day preparing for a big celebration with all of mr coen's friends. 

coen had to have an airplane themed party, of course. he is a pilot after all. here are some pictures of the party details. 

the invitation. 

passport favors for all the travelers. 

a passport photo booth. 

the photo booth was stocked with dress up gear. 

 flying jets in the living room. 

coen is three! 

now boarding at gate C3.

 it was pretty party-riffic! 

in-flight dinning and beverage service. 

complementary in-flight meals. 

the birthday boy! 

the md-11 fedex pinata, made with love by daddy and pop pop. 

singing to the birthday boy.

some passport photos. i didn't get everyone, bummer. 

whoa, i think we rang in the big 03 with a bang. thanks to all who came and partied with us and our little pilot! 

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  1. Wow... that is one impressive party! Probably one of the best themed party I've ever seen! Great job Mama! Happy Birthday Coen!!!