Tuesday, March 6, 2012

happy island anniversary

yesterday was our one year anniversary of the day we moved to hawaii. craziness! when i think back on this year, i am a mix of emotions. initially the transition was very very hard. but as the months passed, and visitors swept through, my eyes were opened to what an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity we have been given. i wake up every morning to the sun rising over the pacific ocean, wes' office in smack dab on the side of an active volcanic crater, and coen is being exposed to countless cultures. we get to live here, and that is pretty cool. 

to celebrate our big achievement, we took coen to see his very first movie, the lorax! annnnd we saw it in 3-d, very cool! it was really a good movie with lots of songs and color, and coen sat through the entire thing flawlessly. wes and i tried to watch the movie too, but we were mostly consumed with watching coen watch the movie. ahhhh parenthood. 

here are a few pictures from our first days on the island. coen seems so grown up to me now. like, i think maybe if i am not careful, when i wake up tomorrow he might be sixteen. terrifying. 

happy island life anniversary to, us! 

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