Thursday, May 10, 2012

big boy bed

we officially transitioned coen into his big boy bed tonight! i love that he can climb in and out on his own, and i am keeping my fingers crossed that he sticks to the rule of not getting up till the "wake up number" is on the clock. we'll see. i expected him to pass right out tonight, being that he didn't nap today. but apparently he is just too excited to sleep and has been singing, playing, and who knows what-ing for the past hour. i finally had to go up and put my angry face on. i am  in the category of leaving them in their cribs as long as you possibly can. free range of the house scares me. but i was getting tired of having to lift him in and out, and let's face it he's over three years was time. 

speaking of our big boy, coen had his three year well child check today. he is super and well, just as we  were expecting. to our surprise he is right in the normal range for height and weight. if she had measured his head, i am sure he would still be off the charts. but i do think he is growing into that head quite nicely. coen took his dr kit to the appointment and made sure that the doctor was also healthy. according to coen, she looks good. other than being right on track physically the doctor was amazed at the vocabulary of our little man...he talked her ear right off. 

we sure love this big boy of ours, and love watching him grow!


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