Friday, May 11, 2012

shave ice & coconut island

after a rough drive home from kona to pick up our special guests, we took it easy the next day. we planned to not go anywhere at all. the thought of riding in the car made a certain someone want to vomit, but the weather was looking good and i felt like we all could use some fresh air. so after naps i rallied everyone to head to hilo for some super ono shave ice and a little beach time at coconut island. no one complained. 

coconut island has a huge grassy area and we let the boys (and lauren) loose to run around like crazy people. beckett thought it was so much fun to try to catch coen, who was chasing lauren...but who was lauren after? 

perhaps things got a little out of hand and mr c had to take a moment to re-group (aka..a timeout). he pulled it together and we got the boys in their beach clothes and sent them off into the ocean. just kidding, but we did play in the sand and b actually liked playing in the big blue pacific. 

our first attempt at a group picture. what you aren't seeing is my child preparing to throw a sand toy at us. i am a little sister and to this day i still flinch at pretty much everything. i got him redirected and we managed to get a good picture.

we got caught in a 10 min down pour and ran for cover. except for beckett, he loved playing in the rain. on the way home we picked up pizza and beckett napped. day one: success!  

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