Monday, May 14, 2012

black sand, ice cream and a volcano

after the big birthday outing we took an entire day off to relax. we stayed home all day and i think that maybe beckett got dressed after his nap...maybe. i don't really remember. it was good to have a down day, but we got right back at it the next day. we left the house around 11am and didn't get home till after 8pm. whew! here is a recap of the day.

we headed south over the volcano to the ka'u district. ka'u is quickly earning a reputation for it's coffee, in fact it is said to be the up and coming coffee and has been winning all sorts of awards. there is a tiny coffee estate that leaves out a pot of fresh brew and operates totally on the honor system. they also have mac nut trees and you can just pick mac nuts up and crack them right there. this is coen's most favorite job. he cracked mac nuts the entire time we were here. beckett's favorite job was running away from his mama...imagine that. 

after fueling up on ka'u coffee and mac nuts we headed on our way to punalu'u black sand beach. it was windy, but that was actually good because the black sand is hot hot hot. i have blogged about this beach a trillion times. it really is one of our favorite spots on the island. we weren't sure how long the boys would last, so we had no expectations. we ended up settling in and spending over three hours playing in the sand, sun, and blue blue pacific. oh and we said hello to a couple sea turtles too! 

of course an ice cream break was most needed after all that sun, so we headed out to the punalu'u bake shop. after some vanilla mac nut ice cream we tossed the boys into the car and headed back towards the volcano. lucky for us, both of them napped on the drive back. 

wes flew home from denver and headed straight up to the volcano to meet us. we spent the rest of the afternoon showing our guests the active volcano that wes works on, hiking through a lava tube and enjoying some delicious thai food. everyone was totally exhausted when we got home that night, but well worth it! 

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