Friday, January 4, 2013

week in review: 9

eeeee! this is my first post on my new fancy shmancy laptop. okay, it's not that fancy and i don't even know what exactly it is to tell you. BUT I haven't had a new computer of MY OWN since i was a senior in college...NINE years ago! the coolest part (other than it being all mine) is that it has a touch screen. think ipad, but full functionality of a lap top. once you try it, you will never ever go back to a boring no touch screen again. promise. also, windows 8 is really so cool.
moving on. we were so very lucky that wes got to take off almost a full week around christmas. i think he was totally exhausted and ready to go back to the office after hanging out with us for six days. good thing he went back for two days, and the was home for new years day! i LOVE holidays!
my aunt sent c a gift card to buy a new life jacket for christmas. so we headed down to the mall to pick one out, and then stopped in at coconut island to try it out. marin and i hung out on the shore. have i mentioned that she wants to be held 100% of the time when she is sleeping? my. back. hurts.


andrea, jay & jack (wes' cousins) were visiting the island, and made a day trip over from kona to meet marin. it was so fun that they got to see her while she is still so small. thanks for the visit and the new books! 

this is maverick, in case you forgot. 
on another trip into town we stopped in at reeds bay so c could get some more life jacket time. wes put him on his surf board and paddled around the bay, so fun! oh, and i hung out on the shore with a sleeping baby attached to me. again. 


 our morning routine involves coffee, kid snuggles, and lots of chit chat from the little bit.

hello, 2013! what a year we have to look forward to, so many firsts for marin. we were in bed by 10pm on nye, but we did celebrate at a bbq with good friends on new years day. we are looking forward to a great and busy year. 

when i was taking marin's 9 week photo this week, i snapped a few goodies that i thought should be shared. she is developing a little personality and becoming interactive with us regularly. i already miss the tiny swaddled newborn, but i am looking forward to being able to do more with her in the coming months.  


and big news for the big brother this week, he moved up to the dinosaur class (4/5 year olds) at preschool. this is him being a dino before we left the house yesterday.


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