Wednesday, June 20, 2012

marin maisie

after several days of pondering we have officially named this sweet baby girl. naming a human is rough, i mean they are going to walk around the planet carrying the name we saw most fit for their entire life. talk about pressure. i love how everyone goes about it differently. for me (being the anticipater that i am), i love knowing the gender and naming the baby during my pregnancy. i feel like the bonding begins and i can actually start imagining myself with this new little person. someone asked me once if i ever felt like coen wasn't really a "coen" after he was born. i had never thought about it, but i can honestly say no. i just knew in my heart that was the name meant for him. maybe it's a gift? maybe i am just crazy? maybe i should stop rambling...the baby is not even here yet. 

coming this fall, our own little miss marin maisie 

oh and in case you are wondering it is MA-RIN, like the county (not mar-in). although i am sure her whole life will be spent correcting people on that...oh wells. it's done, i've imprinted on it. 


  1. beautiful name and you are A STUNNING pregnant woman. So thrilled for you! Love, love, love little baby girls!

  2. Beautiful name and I was saying it wrong at first, sorry. It has such an eloquent feel to it, just beautiful! I'm like you, I wanted to know the gender and the name as early as possible!