Friday, June 8, 2012

friday phone dump

another week of nonstop silliness with mr c. he is such a happy kiddo. (except when he's not, hence my summer reading of, "raising your spirited child"). you will probably see some blogging about this book since the first 5 pages seemed as if they were written after the author spent a day (or ten minutes) with my son. 

i am 19 weeks into baking baby2! i started to feel some good jabs and kicks once and awhile, and i can't wait till they pick up and become more frequent. we are having a level II ultrasound next thursday and are excited to get some good pics of this little bean, and of course we are looking forward to finding out the gender. coen got to go with me to my ob today, he was so excited he wore his dress-up scrubs and took his dr kit. the whole office staff pretty much died. that's cause it was cuuuuuuute. 

let's see, what else? coen is really into bath time, and started going under (no tubes anymore!). we planted a strawberry plant and had our first ripe fruit this week. there was only one, of course coen got it. everyday i wake up to the clip clop of little feet walking into my room and i love it, and him. 

have a super fun weekend. and heck, take monday is a hawaii state holiday after all. 

how could i forget this video birthday message coen made for cortney on her big 3-0! 

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