Sunday, June 17, 2012

baby2's 1st photo shoot!

we flew to oahu on thursday to have our ultrasound and we are still here relaxing and enjoying the civilization of the city. after our ultrasound we were filled with both joy and relief to hear that our new bundle appears to be perfect and healthy. of course we are thrilled to hear that a little sister is baking away, but we would have been thrilled either way. i can say this, shopping at baby gap is five million times more fun when you get to go to the pink side. i completely let loose and oh geese, did get i some cuuuuute stuff. 

here are some shots and videos of baby2...oh baby!

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  1. sooooo excited and happy to hear baby girl is HEALTHY!!! :) We LOVE baby Gap...esp the sales. They have the best baby clothes!