Thursday, October 31, 2013

welcome great pumpkin {party}!

i love the fall. a lot. always have, always will. i loved planning a fall wedding. oh man did i love it. but let me tell you something, i super duper love having a fall baby. i mean, come on! i will always get to plan a fall-like birthday party for as long as she allows it. i really had fun planning this great pumpkin party.
it was great. fun, yes. but mostly great refers to the 80 (i kept saying 60, but i just revised the guest list and did an official count....crazy!) friends that helped us celebrate miss marin. the bummer was that the birthday girl woke up from her nap with a runny nose and was clearly not feeling well. so she didn't get to enjoy it as much as i had hoped. but the big kids and adults really had a blast and the party was a wonderful great pumpkin success. here is a look!
popcorn bar
{scoop. mix. eat.}

great pumpkin patch!

if only i had more time, the tissue paper puffs could have gotten a bit out of control. 

our lucy van pelt


piƱata time!

80 people singing is a bit frightful!

 she was in bed asleep by 6:30. poor girl! but the party went on and we really enjoyed celebrating with SO many people. a big HUGE thanks to everyone who came out, we really appreciate it!

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