Wednesday, October 30, 2013

eddie & nicole sitting in a tree

the good thing about taking a 7 week trip is that you get to do a lot of things that typically we miss out on. one big part of our journey was that my cousin was getting married. it was so much fun to be there to help and celebrate at the showers, bachelorette, and of course the wedding!
and the cuteness of these 3 was enough to knock me over.

we are so happy and proud of nikki and eddie. can't wait to see what awesome blessings life has in store for them.

the wedding planners in action.

the beautiful haight's!

pretty much coen loved being apart of their wedding, can you tell?

me and my bro, we still got it. that is, if we ever really had it?!

reverse order, but this was one of the showers i got to attend. it was just super darling.

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