Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'tis the season

it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! okay, i say that when fall is approaching too. i am just a sucker for all the seasons. but really, Christmas is my most favorite season of them all. this year we are blessed to watch it all through coen's eyes. everything seems even bigger, brighter and more magical. oh joy!

the first weekend in december we bundled up and headed out to the tree farm. coen had so much fun talking to the animals at the petting farm. why are goats so friendly? seriously, i have never met a not friendly one. never.

we walked and walked searching high and low for the perfect tree. coen ran around the "forest" while i over-critiqued each and every tree wes suggested. but alas, we settled on the most beautiful noble fir. my favorite! we watched, while wes cut her down and hauled her to the car. whew! it looked like hard work, and we needed to warm up with a cup of cocoa. (ps: hot cocoa is coen's new most favorite thing in the entire world).

i was slightly concerned about how coen would handle a tree suddenly popping up in the living room. so far, so good. sure he likes to take santa and frosty for a walk now and then...but who doesn't?

a couple months back a good friend and i were discussing advent calenders. you know, the kind you buy for $1 and pop a small piece of disgusting chocolate out of each day? we both loved them as kids. during this conversation we questioned why they didn't make fancy chocolate ones. heck, we would pay $5 for one if it meant the chocolate would be good. mostly this got me thinking, and wanted to come up with a creative advent calendar that we could use each year. then, the pressure was on to get it done in time to start on december 1st. i set out on a mission, and was quickly overwhelmed with piles of baby socks, clothespins, and stickers.

it turned out JUST as i had wanted. i love it. the mismatched babies socks look adorable hanging on our mantle. i stuffed each sock with small prizes, stickers, and lollipops (no chocolate, i was afraid it would melt). he took to the idea right away, and seeing him gasp when i hand him a sock each morning is priceless.

the season wouldn't be complete without having the opportunity to wear a hideous christmas sweater. for our kids team christmas party, everyone sported their most ridiculous holiday gear. apparently, this theme has gotten so popular that i should have hit the thrift store weeks ago. they were totally sold out. i had to get creative, and thanks to the wide selection of broaches we did okay. my favorite was the red velvet ruffled sleeve sweater i found for coen. best 99 cents i have ever spent.

and so they meet again. coen and santa. precious. side note: santa doesn't give out candy canes anymore, rather a coloring book about planting a tree. healthy, yes. helpful (when you promised you toddler a candy cane), no.

oh what fun this season is. i am yet to be stressed. mostly just eager to hear all the giggles of christmas morning. may you all be blessed as you prepare to be with loved ones. enjoy the magic of the season.


  1. Great post. I adore that advent tiny sock calendar/garland! Absolutely adorable, as is your Coen of course! Christmas does take a whole new spin with kids, so much fun!

  2. Coen makes me smile everytime I see pics of him! The sock garland- what a great idea and super cute! I always loved opening the doors on the advent calendar as a kid, but yes, those chocolates were nasty!!!!!

  3. Oh, the joys and difficulties of living so far away from friends and family! Congratulations on a new life adventure. Jenni, we should form a club for people like us, maybe it should include internet coffee dates! :) Best Wishes, you will love it, I'm sure!