Monday, April 16, 2012

merrie monarch parade

hilo's claim to fame is the merrie monarch festival. it is a huge hula competition that brings dancers from all over the world to compete. the town goes crazy and there are a million craft fairs and booths, it's chaos. we didn't do any of it. except, the festival ends with a big parade...and we love a good parade! so we set out to the streets of downtown hilo to enjoy a good 'ol hawaiin parade. 

we were warned to get there really early to save a spot. instead we showed up 15 minutes early, grabbed starbucks and plopped down on the street. it was really busy, but we are okay with sitting in the street and not bringing a tent, chairs, cooler, and pizzas (yes, pizzas). wes already told me next year the only thing i can add is a baby in a moby. anyway, i took a million pictures but then realized that parades are so much better in person. lesson learned, put the camera down. here are a few so you can feel like you were there too. oh and the best float (in my opinion) was the mac nut float, they handed out mac nuts! 

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