Sunday, October 28, 2012

seven years, crazy in love.

today is the seventh anniversary of the day we said, i do. man did i think we had it all figured out back then. i mean, in a few ways i did. i knew wes would finish grad school and become some sort of volcanic superstar. i also knew that we would start a family and i would focus my time and attention on raising that said family. i knew we would love each other.

it is one the thing to project how your future will go, and entirely another to live it out. and perhaps the most humbling of all is when you stumble through a season that teaches you that you aren't really the one calling the shots anyway. we have had many of those.

seven years ago as we set out to live our love story i was not prepared for how good it was going to be, how hard it could be, and how much joy would run through our veins when we stepped back and let His perfect plan take shape in us.

perhaps i was right on a couple things. wes is a volcanic superstar. never in a million years did i dream that volcano would be in hawaii. never did i realize how important it would be to have my husband love his job, to see him to wake up with passion and purpose everyday. oh and that family we would have, they leave me speechless. come to find out choosing to not work outside the home is not all roses and butterflies. but am passionate about my job, about raising our kids and about being wes' wife. i was made to do this, and i wouldn't go back to work (right now anyway) for a million dollars.

so our story continues. i am a lucky lady to have someone like wes by my side. then again,  it really has nothing to do with luck.

happy anniversary weston, i love you so much it makes me crazy. 

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