Friday, February 14, 2014

before christmas happenings.

as you all know, we took a big surprise trip to the mainland for christmas. we didn't leave till a couple days before christmas, so we had a lot going on while we were secretly packing for the trip. here are the highlights.

one night when i went to check on c before i went to bed, he must have been doing some bible reading. love.

i sorted the laundry, turned my back for 2 seconds and look what the monster Herself had done! 

big kid nutcracker date! coen kepts saying, "those ballet girls are just beautiful." 

beaching before we freeze!

c fell asleep beachside. NOT like him. turns out he had strep throat. POOR boy. he recovered just in time to preform in his school play and head off to the mainland. 

the original playgroup gang came over for a book exchange. 

so proud of this little donkey! he sounded out and wrote this note for his teacher ALL by himself :) 

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