Monday, October 19, 2015

oh hey there, tooth fairy!

my sweet boy has been so eager to loose a tooth. most everyone in his class has lost multiple teeth, and i think he was beginning to feel like it was just never going to happen. he would get a loose tooth, and then it would tighten back up. so tricky! but finally, one loosened right up and he was just ecstatic. days and days of wiggling that tooth and then one day, he popped out of bed and ran in with a tooth in his hand. but it wasn't THE loose tooth, it was the one next to it! weird! he was still super stoked, especially because he still had the original super wiggly tooth. so we tucked the tooth into his sweet tooth pillow, and he drafted a note for the tooth fairy. the next morning i awoke to a sweet boy covered in gold fairy dust holding 2 golden coins. it was only a couple days later the original loose tooth fell out, and we had another visit from the magical tooth fairy. we are still finding specks of fairy dust around the house, and finally getting used to coen's new smile.


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