Monday, November 22, 2010


recently, a very dear friend came to visit. having company is always exciting for coen, and her visit was no exception. i met emily just after wes and i started dating, wes had known her long before that. she is so special to us! i have always explained my friendship with her as "easy." she gets me, i get her. most of the time. this picture was taken about 7 years ago, just before we jumped off the deck into a snow bank.

coen warmed up to her instantly. i mean, why wouldn't he? she is all fun and giggles! he gets caught up on the vowels in her name and pronounces it, "emalemaly", precious. (if you look closely, he is actually holding her hand in this picture. love.)

it was high on our priority list to take her out to the edgefield estate for some good food, and even better brew. thankfully we had a clearing in the weather to actually walk around and enjoy the grounds. i can't say for certain, but i think she will be back. (if even just to go back to the edgefield!).

she also got the grand tour of wes' office. however, i think it may have been the highlight of her visit. the week after her trip she was starting a unit on volcanoes with her 7th graders. what perfect timing to visit us! we let coen have a go in the conference room, he had lots of very important information to discuss.

emalemaly, it was such a blessing to have you. thanks for giving us a reason to eat, drink and be merry! we love you!

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