Thursday, March 17, 2011

goodbye goodbye (part two)

after a great (but too short) visit in medford we headed up to truckee for a week filled with fun and snow...LOTS of snow. there was a good 10+ feet of snow when we arrived. it was amazing and beautiful and cold.

coen was really excited about all the white stuff, and was eager to bundle up and go check it out. what a dude!

it took very little conviencing to get him on the sled. he was totally up for the adventure. truckee has some pretty intense (and fun!) sledding, but we decided to start small, with the driveway.

since the snow was SO super high, wes decided he was going to sled off the roof. yes, that is actually him standing on the top of the roof preparing to make his way down.

pop pop and daddy worked really hard and built coen his first snowman! it wasn't easy to get the dry powder to cooperate, but they got the job done. gami hunted for all the accessories, and he tuned out perfect!

nice work boys!

who likes the snow? coen! coen!

daddy and pop pop came home one day with a new pair of skis for coen. we never could convience him to put them on outside, but there was lots of carpet skiing to be had. there's always next year...

we had a special early birthday dinner to celebrate the BIG 02! since coen has attended a few parties in the last 6 months or so, he is really into the whole idea of birthdays. gami baked him a funfetti cake (he calls it m&m cake) and he loved hearing us sing to him.

uncle bubs & auntie shelly came to celebrate with us. coen loved playing with them and his new tools he got from gami & pop pop.

watching squirrels out the back window. sorry coen and lily, no squirrels in hawaii :(

popsicle time with gami!

my sweet sweet boy!

during our visit to truckee we were lucky enough to get over to the ranch and visit scott and michelle. such a good time, and so so many pictures to share...later!

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