Monday, July 9, 2012

friday phone-dump (on monday)

quick story: 

coen has been into the song "down by the bay" so every night at dinner he is trying to make up his own quirky rhymes/sayings. except he doesn't quite get the rhyming thing so he just says things that are silly and make no sense and then laughs at himself. a couple nights ago, we were doing this around the table (yes, wes and i can rhyme) and he announced that he needed to go to the bathroom. he hopped down and headed towards the bathroom, then he turned around and said, "have you ever seen a guy, pooping outside?" 

we laughed. a lot. then coen pointed both fingers at us and said, "i will be back to say funny things and make you laugh, after i poop." 

the end. 

have a happy happy happy week. we are counting down the days till mainland tour summer 2012! 

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