Monday, July 9, 2012

independence day!

we spent this fourth of july almost exactly the same as last year. (could we maybe be forming traditions on the island?!) the only thing missing was papa john! it was all very familiar to mr c and he actually asked us if we remembered when we did this same thing with papa. his memory is so good, it scares me. 

we headed into hilo town for the hilo bay cook off. our first mission was to pig-out on some good grub. and that we did. coen told us while he was eating a pulled pork sandwich that he, "liked meat with his meat." he's so rugged. 

after the eating fest we happened to run into esme! i think coen will spend his whole childhood chasing this little lady around. 

we also checked out the classic car show, but it was way less exciting without papa john around. it was also crazy hot and i thought my pregnant self might fall over dead. we came home to grill hot dogs and burgers and then did fireworks out in the driveway. coen ooohhhed and ahhhhhed and then fell fast asleep. 

happy freedom day, usa! 

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