Sunday, December 9, 2012

week in review: 4 & 5

i missed a week, it was bound to happen. the truth is we have been so busy with visitors i didn't want to slow down long enough to update the blog. it has been SUCH a fun season of having house guests and getting to know our newest family member. i am sad the company and extra hands are gone, but we are looking forward to settling into our own routine. here is a recap of the past couple weeks. 

marin is just so cute. she loves me a lot, and knows exactly who i am. she hates rinding in the car. she loves to be swaddled up tight or in the moby. for the most part she is predictable; eat, awake, sleep...repeat. although she does have a witching hour fuss fest in the late afternoon/evening. we have come to expect it and take turns dealing with her. in the past week she is starting to smile and coo often. i love seeing the little person inside her begin to bloom. 

coen is still loving his sister. he calls her marinsters & sissy frissy. he had so much fun playing with all the company we have had, and it's been a little rough on him to have everyone gone. we are very proud of him and love watching him in his best role yet! 

we took gami to the hilo christmas parade. i also had my first (and so far only, SAD!) gingerbread latte of the season. if you know me well, then you know that i hold off on this festive drink until after thanksgiving because i believe in my heart that thanksgiving deserves it's time in the spotlight...that means no fancy christmas drinks till after the turkey! 

c is now only answering to the alias, maverick  he cares zero that his sunglasses are pink. yes, we go out in public like this. and yes, santa knows to bring aviators in his jolly toy sack this year.

grandma maisie (marin's name sake!) and my lovely cousin came to visit this last week. it was such a good visit and good for my soul.

finn made his appearance on december 1st with his annual elf breakfast. coen is waaay into finn. like in love, best friends forever, probably going to cry when he is gone.

can you handle this sun bathing baby. i can't.

we love coconut island so much. we also love that we can beach it in december!

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