Wednesday, December 12, 2012

week in review: 6

its no joke, marin has been on this planet for six whole weeks already. sometimes i look at her and think that she is still so teeny tiny and new, other times i think she is growing up so fast and will probably be off to college next week. parenthood. 

this last week we saw a rise in fussiness, and also some pretty annoying and painful feeding issues. i am so super tunned into her every little grunt and groan so we headed off to see the pediatrician yesterday. it appears that (like both myself and her big brother) lactose intolerance is to blame. so today marked our first day of being dairy free. i hope i can report by next week that some of these issues have resolved. why are new humans so complicated? 

here's looking back at the last week. 

we said goodbye to nikki and grandma maisie. so happy they came to visit. 

we sid hello to new baby smiles. 

we spent the weekend at home in our pj's and may have had just a little bit of fun. 

marin slept like a baby. um, she is one.

i played with this crazy head of hair. 

wes was ready and willing to moby at all times. no matter what. 

we enjoyed the smell of a REAL noble fir. 
thanks to home depot we have a beautiful oregon grown christmas tee. 

coen took some really great pictures of the things he loves most. 

good friends visited and came bearing a meal! (thank you!) 

someone got a week older. okay, we all got a week older but it really shows when your life is numbered by weeks. i can't handle how fast she is changing. i love those cheeks! 

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