Monday, August 19, 2013

marin maisie - 9 months

i know i am not caught up on the five hundred million things we have done the past couple months. i'll get there. promise. for now i have to share marin's photos from her 9 month shoot. as my cousin would say, they are "off. the. hook." (in a good way.)

miss m is just hilarious. she looks so sweet and dainty but no sir she is not. first of all she is in the 90% for both height and weight. so there is nothing dainty about her. (except maybe her gold bracelet, that may be stuck on her chubby arm forever.)  

she started crawling around 8.5 months and two weeks later she was standing up in the middle of the room without pulling or holding anything. she prefers to stand and spends most of her time on her feet. she has not gotten brave enough to start stepping, but she will do this funny stand, squat, and stand again rotation all day long. we were at a play date last week and she got ahold of a soup ladle. she stood there in the middle of the room waving the ladle around while squatting and yelling for a good 10 minutes. no soup for you!

she's not the best sleeper, but not the worst either. she naps well when we are at home, and if we are out and about she just kind of rallies. she is very social and loves to power through to be the life of the party. my favorite (ok, ONE of my favorite) things is going to get her in the morning when she wakes up. her hair is hanging over her face and she just pops up and starts bouncing with joy that i came back. it is extra cute because if i am feeling super lazy i will sometimes send coen to entertain her while i drink my coffee in bed. i watch on the baby monitor and she just goes bananas when she spots that it's her fav big brother opening the door.


i can't begin to explain to you how much these two monsters love each other. it has to be the best (okay, ONE of the best) things about being a parent. i know as they get older they will fight, and get annoyed with each other, and tattle, and some days the bickering will send me to the loony bin. but you know what? i don't care one little bit, because under all that they totally and completely adore each other. and i have proof.

she is just so funny, and sweet and ours.

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