Wednesday, August 28, 2013


oh hey! i'm back, and this is me attempting to get caught up. ready, go!
after 3 weeks in oregon the kids and i headed up to seattle. wes met us there and we spent a week with family and good good friends. it was wonderful, and in no way did we have enough time with everyone. i think there will never be enough time. i was such a bad photo taker. but this is what we did.
we flew on more planes. 

beached it...seattle style.

we ate mighty-o donuts. and they were mighty good.

we hung out with the pennebaker's and coen played with cortney's braid very creepily while she read to him.

so much cousin love. but still, not nearly enough.

a 4th of july parade.

baker baby love.

aunt geri and i took the big kids to see monsters university.

of course (another) trip to the museum of flight.

twinsie cousin pajamas.

we did a lot more. but you don't have to take my word for it, you can check out my besties blog, she was much better at documenting our visit.

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