Tuesday, December 23, 2014

getting crafty

the thelen house has stepped up the craftiness the past couple months. okay, that's not entirely true...wes isn't taking an art class or having a bi-weekly craft night with his friends. but coen and i are, and marin joins in when she can. because, she thinks she can do anything and everything her brother can do. anyway, coen has started taking an art class on friday afternoons and has been creating all kinds of fun stuff. he is the youngest in class, but does a great job hanging in there. also, i get to help him and i (not so secretly) love that. 
(check out the rainbow foreheads on those foxes!)

this project was so fun, and he decided (with some guidance) to give the dolls to marin, bella and gianna for Christmas!

what?! a cookies and milk ornament making party! marin was so excited to join, and also for all the sweet treats!

a group of my girlfriends have started getting together regularly for mama craft night. sometimes we don't craft at all, but then we others we create masterpieces. it's a blast either way.

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