Tuesday, December 23, 2014

school love

we are so lucky to live just a hop and a skip from coen's school. unless it's raining we walk to and from school each day with breath taking views of the ocean joining us. it is somewhat magical. like, i seriously can't believe that THIS is where coen gets to go to school. i felt the same way about his farm preschool, and i am just so thankful that we ended up at ha'aheo elementary. another awesome thing is that they have a parent child program that gathers at the school monday-thursday. marin and i get to go hang out together and often join coen for a picnic lunch. here is a peak at what has been happening on school days. 

fall festival fun!


moday morning on the mound is one of my top 5 favorite things about the school. but probably i couldn't make a top five list...too many favorites! 
i am only a little bit having fun with my school aged boy.
just enough fun to create build your own turkey muffins for his class. 

the week of chirstmas was a blast! no joke, i think i had as much fun as the kinders. i got to help lots and lots in class, and be there for the entire last day before break. i also took build your own snowman kits, and that was just delicious fun...also a little crazy in hindsight. what was I thinking? 

hawaiian style caroling with the entire school. 


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