Monday, September 3, 2012


the crash. it happened when we came home from our winter tour and it happened yet again after we finally settled in from our summer vacations. a total and complete monster took over our sweet child and turned him into something we could not even recognize. why am i telling you this? because i need to remember the next time that it passes quickly, and soon the silly little soul comes beaming back. some notes from the past week:

a 6 week hiatus from our normal routine is just asking for a total need to reprogram. 

all reprogramming will be fought, to. the. death. 

he is stubborn and very much willing to stay awake from 2:30am to 6am, just to get what he wants. 

bad parenting happens. let it go, move on. 

rewards and incentives ALWAYS work. so skip the bad parenting stuff, and go straight to an incentive chart. 

the monster, the sleepless nights, the outright terror, i am just smitten for this little guy who is trying so hard to have control in this big crazy world. 

despite his efforts to read books ALL night and not sleep, he will eventually fall asleep. 

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