Monday, September 3, 2012

oh hey there, waikoloa!

coen and i arrived back on the island just in time for a busy couple weeks. hvo (hawaiian volcano observatory) was celebrating it's 100th year anniversary with a fun filled alumni weekend. the festivities lead up to a conference on hawaiian volcanoes at the marriott in waikoloa. we seriously didn't slow down from the moment we got off the plane. it was so fun for coen and i to get to participate in all of this, especially the "go to kona for a week" part. i am well adjusted to hanging out at a nice resort, in case you were wondering. 

c made leaps in his swimming. in fact it is terrifying. 
he just dives in, floats around and pops up when he can't 
possibly hold his breath another second. 

sharing fruity drinks by the pool with his mama. 

the towel ladies started paying him $1 to sing to them, he made over $5! 
on the way to the pool everyday he would said, "mama i need to go talk to my ladies...okay?" 

lounging poolside. 

right way coen made friends with identical five year old twins, maddison and ashlyn. he looooved them. they all played together everyday, and we hope to connect with them in the bay area on our next visit. 

 self portrait.

big swimmer. 

our sweet friend acacia came to swim with us one day annnnnd 
cousin keely happened to be visiting the big island too! how lucky for us!

guess what?! we live here! 

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  1. I just about lost is. "Mama, I need to go talk to my ladies!". What???!! So funny!