Monday, September 3, 2012

helicopter ride!

last week wes took us by to say hi to david, the helicopter pilot that flies them out into the field. david was getting the helicopter ready to fly up and get some of the techs from the observatory that were out doing lava man stuff. getting a helicopter ready really means talking off the doors. just take note of that. 

david tossed coen into the helicopter to look around. he was in heaven. what could be better than this? 

oh i don't know, taking a ride in the helicopter! that's right, david invited us all into his very lean helicopter with NO doors to take a tour around hilo bay. eeeeeeeek! coen sat up front in between david and wes, and i sat in the back. 

we flew over hilo bay, and coen was pretty much emotionless the whole time. he was concentrating very hard on what the control tower was saying in his of his favorite parts, of course. 

i was a little bit freaking out. it was SO fun, and i would do it again tomorrow. but it was freaky, and crazy and so strange to just look out and have nothing separating you from um, the world down below. 

as soon as i jumped off the heli and grabbed coen he said to me, "can we go again?" 

he has the hunger, watch out world.

way to go daddy, best family date...ever! 

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