Tuesday, September 4, 2012

vanity: take four

when i was little, my uncle made me a vanity. it was so cute and i loved it. when i got older i passed it on to my cousin, nikki and then she passed it on to our youngest girl cousin, keely. each time it was passed along our grandpa would give it a fresh coat of paint and grandma would recover the seat with new fabric. it eventually made it back to me, and i have moved around with it for years. wes and i just finished getting it prepped for it's fourth round. we used a fitted sheet from the bedding collection for the stool, and painted it a shade of light gray. i think it is adorable. i hope marin enjoys it as much as we all did, and that she can pass it down some day too. 

mr big brother has been toting this baby doll around, using the extra fabric as a blanket and pulling baby shoes out of marin's closet to put on his baby. i love watching him prep and learn all about being a big brother. he is so excited and sweet about my growing belling. i know it won't be a cake walk, but i am looking forward to seeing him in action with his little sister. 

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