Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a new look

it was time for the blog to get a fresh new look. i love how it turned out, and i hope you will enjoy the new icons along the right side that will link you up with some of our favorite sites.

let me introduce them to you...

want to know more about the volcano, or wes' job? check out the hawaiian volcano observatory's website. volcanoes are really pretty neat. (and wes is too!)


the big island is pretty darn big compared to the other islands. but it is also the most diverse. there is so much to do and see. want to visit or know more about the island of hawaii? well, here you go.

The Islands Of Hawaii

oh pinterest. (enough said.)
okay, i am really excited about this. my good friend heather gave me a cookbook as a baby shower gift. it sat on my counter for several months, as we adjusted to our new family member. about a month ago i pulled it out, and it has pretty much stayed open ever since. coen has inhaled every single recipe i have made from this book. many of which are stuffed with things like kale, bok choy, edemame, and even tofu! the best part is that we love the food too. if you have kids, you MUST have this book. if you don't, you should still probably have it. the weelicious website is great too, and now you can get to it very easily from my blog.

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