Wednesday, May 1, 2013

week in review: 26

hello, month six! wow, how did that happen. marin is such a happy, busy, funny, loud little lady. she loves to watch her brother and it drives her nuts that she can't run around with him. yet. she is spending lots of time on her belly, trying like crazy to crawl. as much as i didn't want coen to be on the move this early, i really think marin will be so content when she can try to catch up to her favorite big brother.
baby girl play time! addy and marin hung out, while big girl geneeva showed off her super sitting and crawling skills. 

i really love those cheeks!

cruising and snoozing in the double.

at last! marin will fall asleep in the car. it only took 5 months of hysterical screams to get her adjusted. i am so glad that is over.

bell pepper walrus.

little naartjie dress from bestie cortney.

morning snuggles with this bed head.

more baby girl play, but this time sophie is the show off, and quite the paci thief! 


MAJOR pantry re-organization. this has me wondering if i can store everything i own in jars? i except the challenge.

i think this is her, "it is ridiculously hot" face.

or maybe it is, "this is a ridiculous hat."

or even better, "this is a ridiculously hott hat."

okay, i'm done.

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