Monday, April 29, 2013

mama's girl

my goal for tonight was to upload marin's five month photos from kahuku photography. i did it, and as i looked through them i decided that it was quite simply too much cuteness for one post. i am certain that had all of them been uploaded my computer would have grown wings and flown away, or maybe baby model scouts would have started calling me five million times a day, or or you might have died from the overload of cuteness. random thoughts, i know. is it obvious that i am in the euphoric stage of, "I have the cutest baby in the whole wide world, it should be illegal."
 no one, and i mean no one, could talk me down right now. i. want. to. eat. her.
since it is almost my birthday and almost mother's day, i decided to post a few picture of miss m and i.
i love her hair, her eyes, her cheeks and chin. okay, i love all of her. 

 i love my boys just as much. 

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