Monday, April 1, 2013

week in review 21.2 (coen is FOUR!)

on march 24 something crazy happened. my sweet squishy little baby turned four. i am quite certain that is pretty much all grown up. at least he thinks so. it is like turning four was magically a passage way into big-boy-hood. "it's okay mama, i am FOUR now." seems to be his response to everything. we were more than blessed with this extremely funny, intelligent, snuggly little man. i feel slightly sad that we are through all the adorable milestone years of baby and toddler-hood, but mostly i am so excited to see this little boy grow into something amazing.
we had the most fabulous day celebrating, of course any day that starts off
 with a cupcake and presents is bound to be a really great day. 
if you are excited to go to the aviation museum
at pearl harbor raise your hand...obviously they were quite excited.
and for good reason, pearl harbor is pretty cool...we will be back for sure!

 a little briefing, it seems serious.

after hours of looking at planes we headed out for a fabulous birthday dinner at Farrell's. good food, GREAT ice cream, and a big loud "happy birthday!" for our amazing 4 year old!


 coen scott, everyday we are impressed by your understanding of the world. you are funny (SO FUNNY!), smart (SO SMART!), and sometimes sassy (SO SASSY!). we love you just the way you are and wouldn't trade one tiny memory of the past four years for anything. watching you become a big brother has been loads of joy, you are a pro at it. we can't wait to see you grow into one amazing young man, we heart you!

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