Sunday, April 14, 2013

week in review:23

this might be one of the cutest posts of all time. the cuteness is almost too much to handle. i can NOT believe that i get to be the mama of these precious kids. blessed.
c spent an entire morning caring for "fleecy" like a baby. it was scary how much he mimics me, he is certainly watching my every move.

nana sent a wooden plane for his birthday and he has so much fun painting it.

when i lay marin down on her back, she flips onto her belly in less than 10 seconds. you can just see her little mind weaving all sorts of plans once she figures out how to crawl. 

and the CUTEST thing in the history of things...4 year olds playing soccer. c just barley made the cut off to play AYSO spring soccer. we took him out to get teeny tiny adidas cleats and shin guards and also a tiny ball. he is glowing. his first practice was wednesday and he got his uniform. he has also insisted on sleeping in the uniform. oh geese. it is so cute i can't stand it.



and big news that i haven't shared, marin has started eating solids. i am starting her very very slow, but she showed us all the right cues that she was ready and the doctor said to go for it. what's my island baby's very first food? um, poi of course! what is poi? it is basically steamed and pureed taro root. poi is a hawaiian staple that is extremely digestible and nutritious, making it a perfect first food! since i can buy fresh taro root at the local farmers market, i have been making her poi myself. she is also eating prunes and carrots. i am sure the coming months will be full of yummy first as marin develops a taste for so many wonderful fresh fruits and veggies.  

the clean up.

last week coen and i flew to honolulu for the day to see a heart specialist. it was such a crazy long day. of course for coen to get to take a plane twice in one day, it was perfect. the dr had a good report, and wants us to just keep monitoring any episodes of rapid heart beat. they will not do the procedure to correct his wpw until he is at least 7 years old. 


i warned you about the cuteness...can you stand it?


every week marin and i meet up with drea and ah tai for a coffee date. the mamas drink the coffee and the babies be cute. perfect morning out. 

i'll end with a couple pictures from the merrie monarch grande parade. the. longest. parade. ever. (in the history of parades).

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