Monday, April 1, 2013

week in review 21.3

our last two days in honolulu wes had to work, but i braved the city on my own with both kids and we had an exhaustingly good time.

hanging in the stroller while mama and c eat lunch. coen actually was the one that rode in the stroller, m was in a baby carrier (ergo or bjorn, depending on if she was awake or asleep) but it was nice to have a place to put her when we ate. she hung out like a big girl, and got lots of attention. 
new hat! this is the only thing i bought her. it was SO hard,
but my focus was on big boy clothes for the birthday boy.
did you know 4 year olds wear bright green crocs? it's true.
and off to the ZOO! so fun, so many animals, SO SO exhausting. wes ended up finishing work early and met up with us. i was thankful for the company and help!


ha! she thinks those hippos are cray cray. 


 it feels so good to be home! we had such a wonderful time in honolulu celebrating coen. as always uncle deane and auntie mary made our stay perfect and comfortable. we feel so blessed to have them so close, and so willing to love on our kiddos!

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