Monday, April 1, 2013

a very {hoppy} week in review: 22

first of all i need to make sure we are all on the same page. i started these week in review posts when marin joined our family, so being that this is review 22, she is also 22 weeks old. i didn't intend on continuing these updates weekly, but it just worked out that way. plus, babies change so super fast that weekly is really a great way for me to journal all the new happening. the only reason i bring this up is because wes asked me today what the numbers were in my week by week posts. "seriously?" i asked him, "do you not read the blog?!" his response, "i live it."
but true.
moving on...we have been busy. super busy. then toss in a baby with a high fever and a preschooler with a new found heart condition and it just went from busy to chaotic. but i love it. i love it because under all the crazy i am thankful that i have kids to make me busy. kids that are usually healthy, and mostly happy. kids that laugh with me and snuggle me. so the busy is good, and of course God is so so good. we had a wonderful easter with great friends, and  as i look through these pictures is makes me wonder how on earth i got to be the mama to these two kids?! and then, how on earth did we get thrown onto an island in the middle of the pacific and meet such great people that also have wonderful, beautiful, happy children?! God is good, i will say it again and again.

easter morning...i can't stand the cuteness in these pictures. 

checking out what the bunny left at the font door.

candy at 7am? well, gee why not.

she took her first easter very seriously.


coloring eggs.


table set for great company.

 checking out the baked bri.

ready, set, easter egg hunt!
 (side note: my kids stayed in their easter pj's ALL day.)

 through the chaos of the day, hearing the kids giggle and laugh (and sometimes cry) was such a beautiful way to celebrate the new life we receive through Him.
He is risen, He is risen indeed!

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