Monday, April 1, 2013

week in review: 21.1

week 21 was THE birthday week, so it's quite overwhelming to pull into one post. i, am not even going to try. we started off the birthday festivities with a joint party for coen and liko. our playgroup has grown to be a wonderful and special group. i love that all the mamas know my kids very well, and watching all the rascals grow up together is quite fun.
we had an art themed pajama party!


the birthday boys! 

happy 3rd birthday, sweet liko! 

happy 4th birthday, dear coen! 

bright and early the next morning we headed off to honolulu to celebrate mr c's BIG 4!
first order of business, making friends with the pilots...he's has gotten really good at this! 


hello, big city!

hello, waikiki! (and a napping beach baby!) 

hello, big mouth at the children's discovery center! 

a little chef.

 water table fun.

carousel with auntie mary!

baby legs in the water are the cutest! 

 who knew pipe cleaners could be so fun?! 

hey mama, i can hold sis! (she looks thrilled!) 

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