Monday, April 1, 2013

week in review: 19.4

sunday morning we packed up an headed over to kona to lounge by the pool at the sheraton. wes was a champ and stayed home with marin. i didn't quite know what to do with myself with only one child...but i figured it out.
before we left our house we took some pictures, what a difference a few months makes! 
i love that we both have baby girls so close in age!
the whole week was so fun, and it really blessed me to spend time with
two of my favorite mamas and their little rascals.

 off to kona, and a pit stop at the black sand beach.
they weren't having any fun...

at last...the swimming pool! we set up and parked ourselves next to pool till 8:30 pm. refusing to move unless someone had to go to the bathroom. we ordered dinner and ate poolside, my favorite resort thing to do. we had so much fun. i wish we would have planned to stay a of couple nights, but then again i wish i lived at a resort.


the next morning we had to rally to the airport to drop off our very special guests. but coen and daphne enjoyed some time out on the lanai before we headed out.

 we miss them so much, and hope they can some back soon. i wish we could all live together, like sister wives, except not share the husband part. it is just so great to have extra hands and support and laugh till you can't laugh any more. such a GREAT week! thank you amanda and Shannon for taking the time and spending the money to come out to the middle of the pacific with your beautiful daughters, we greatly appreciate it and feel so lucky to have had you! 

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