Monday, April 1, 2013

week in review: 19.3

 zoo day! lazy pigs, monkeys, birds...a couple complete melt downs from the big kids. just another day in paradise.


after the zoo we headed to coconut island for MORE beaching.

 beaching makes these babies so very sleepy.

i am realizing that  the gap in time between getting home each evening and leaving the house again the next morning was never documented, on any of our days. it's a shame really. the melt downs from total exhaustion would have been quite a sight. wes made a comment that he was surprised to see us jump up each morning to do it all again. but it was all SO worth it.
saturday morning hula in the park!

an old co-worker of shannon's lives in the big island now
and was dancing was so fun to go watch her! 

the best idea we had all week?
dropping the big kids off with wes at the beach
while the mama's and babies went shopping. thanks, wes!

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