Saturday, June 1, 2013

marin maisie - five months

i tried to tell myself that i was not going to be that mom that over achieved with the first kid to the point that there was no way on earth that i could possible keep up with child number two. ha!
there is not one, i repeat ONE framed picture of marin in our house.
her baby book is filled out through month um, three...or maybe it's only two.
it's just that having two kids feels like 500 times more busy than one kid. i love it. really, i do. it's fun to get to watch these kids that i grew become people. did i say fun, it is the MOST fun. ever.
anyway. our wonderful photographer friend took some adorable photos are miss m when she was 5 months. at last here is the rest of them.
did i mention that i loooooove her?

she has the best big brother. he really really loves her.

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