Saturday, June 1, 2013

week in review: 29 & 30

busy couple of weeks preparing and hosting great friends. coen and i took a break to have ice cream with esme. it was epic. 
marin was my shopping partner. 
aloha, virginie, pascal, faustin & sidonie! we had a wonderful visit with our friends from seattle, who happen to be french. they also happen to send marin cute french clothes, and i happen to like those cute french clothes very much! we had a crazy fun and a little bit chaotic visit with them. here is a recap...

 baby girls swinging at onakahakaha beach park. 

exploring liliuokalani gardens.

going to the zoo zoo zoo.

paradise found at hapuna beach.

mamas and babies in the waves.

baby girls in the sand.


baby borjn sunburn. dedicated dad. 

morning snoogles are the sweetest.

naptime is pretty great too.

my big boy is a pro snorkeler. it was crazy fun to explore the big ocean with him. we saw awesome fish, big turtles, and had a blast!


mum mum girl is such a good sitter now.

i still love out ergo naps. 

sweet friends.

 exploring the volcano with esme!

thanks for coming across the pacific ocean to see us, we loved having you! 

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